October 8, 2022 BoD        Meeting Documents


Agenda Request as of Sept. 16, 2022



Last call to have topics you would like included on the agenda sent to me ASAP. Topics you request, please be prepared to address at this meeting.


Reports:   Just a reminder to please send reports in word or pdf format by Sep 30th (Friday) to:




If you have any questions, please give me a call.


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Ed Otto
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Agenda and other Board meeting documents


October 8, 2022 Trails West Board of Directors Agenda submitted by Ed Otto. – click here


   Agenda Items:

    Need for Board to act to fill various jobs. – click here

    TW Guidelines for Painting Markers – click here


Draft May 16, 2022 Minutes needing to be approved by the BofD submitted by Jo Johnston. – click here


Financial Summary Report submitted by Linda Black. – click here


Publications Committee Report – submitted by Bob Black. – click here


Proposed Guide Prices as of  September 21, 2022 by Bob Black. – click here


Inventory Guide Report submitted by Linda Black. – click here


Trails West Membership summary submitted by Steve Whitehorn as of 9-30-22. – click here


Webmaster and Book Sales Shipping Report submitted by Steve Overacker. – click here