Schedule of Activities


Well, summer is here and that means field trips!  With many folks receiving the vaccines and restrictions being lifted we’re ready to hit the trails once again. We have been busy looking into possible trips and Trails West has come up with our 2022 field schedule below.  There are 5 trips planned for this year along the Nobles, Applegate, Lassen, Walker River and Carson Trails.  What follows is a brief description of our planned field trips:


We start the season in June by checking the Nobles Trail markers for Fire damage. This is a one day field trip.


In July there is a 3 day camping trip following the Applegate Trail from its start at Lassen Meadows to the mouth of High Rock Canyon.


August brings us a 5 day Lassen Emigrant Trail Tour from Goose Lake to Vina.


We follow the Walker River/Sonora Trail in September over the course of 3 days.


We finish up September and our year by checking the Carson Markers for Fire Damage over a one day trip that could turn into a two day trip…you never know!

Due to the overwhelming requests to attend our field trips, they are restricted to members only. Memberships are very inexpensive and you can join here: Membership.


If you’re thinking of attending one of these trips please check the Members Only “2022 Field Trips” page for more information and contact the trip coordinator at the email below.



Be sure and change the (at) to @




Here are the field trips we did in 2019, which was the last season we were able to get together. They are obviously all completed but will give you an idea of what we do.


July 15th & 16th – We ran the entire length of the Yreka Trail from where it departs the Applegate south of Klamath Lake to trails end in Yreka, California. This was another great trip and we spent lots of time looking at trail traces, and sadly, a few emigrant graves along the way.


August 19th to 21st – This trip was along what we call the second section of the Applegate running from Goose Lake, California to Ashland, Oregon. We hadn’t run this trail in over ten years and had a wonderful time revisiting many great original trail sections. We hiked a long section that most attendees had never seen along Fletcher creek. There are no roads in this area which made the hike even better. Along the way we checked out a large tree (still standing) that the emigrants blazed to indicate where to leave the creek and head overland. All in all, one of our best trips.


September 12th & 13th – This was our second outing on the Big Trees Road and we finished installing new markers to complete our work on the east side of the Sierra for this project.




During the year, we usually have several one day trips to do marker maintenance and move markers to better locations. If you would like to be advised of when these are happening, contact our Trail Activity Coordinator at the email address below.






We could use your help!!


With all the markers we have out on the trails, many of them are getting to where they need maintenance work. Attached here is an updated PDF version of our Inspection Report form that can be printed out and it would be a great help if anyone out on a trail would take a copy along and fill it out as they pass by a marker. It would also be a big help if you would fill it out even if a marker is fine. That way we’ll know that someone won’t need to make a special trip to check it. Here is a Word version of the form that you should be able to fill out on your computer and then attach to an email back to us at:



Be sure and change the (at) to @


Thanks, this would be a big help in our continuing efforts to maintain our markers.






We, as an organization, have certain responsibilities on our outings. Because of that, we have developed a set of Rules & Requirements that each participant must adhere to when joining us on one of our trips. You may review them by clicking here.


If you do not have the type of necessary vehicle and are still interested in joining us on a trip, please contact the trip leader. Many times there will be room in someone else’s rig and arrangements can be made to accommodate an extra passenger or two.