Schedule of Activities



We have many activities during the year. The calendar linked below is the best way to find out information on what is happening on any particular month.


Due to the overwhelming requests to attend our field trips, they are restricted to members only. Memberships are very inexpensive and you can join here: Membership


For a calendar of our upcoming events, click here.




On our work trips, we can always use help and it’s an outstanding way for anyone to contribute to preserving our western heritage and having a great time too. Don’t let the work party name scare you off from attending, the work is easy and we always need note takers, photographers and “superintendents” – no experience necessary.
Our fun trips are just that. We follow an emigrant trail, view actual trail traces, and an historian will talk about what went happened on specific sections of the trail. Children of all ages are very welcome on our trips and it’s a great way to pass on a little history while having fun.
If you’re even thinking of attending one of these, let us know as that will put you on the mailing list for more on that trip’s information as it becomes available. It is best to email our trip coordinator at the email below.



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The field trips for this year are posted on the calendar above. If you are interested in attending any of them, contact our Trip Coordinator.


The field trips for 2018 are all completed and here’s a list of what we accomplished.


June 22nd to 24th – This was our annual Blackrock area trail survey in conjunction with the BLM. We looked for, and found, a missing section of the Applegate Trail where it bypassed the Fly Canyon Wagon Slide. We used metal detectors in addition to aerial photos to locate this missing section of trail. Finally after searching for over twenty years, success!!


June 30th & July 1st – This was the first of two Applegate Trail marker installation trips this year. We placed nine markers on this famous trail.


July 24th to the 26th – This was a fun trip on the Beckwourth Trail which goes from Sparks, NV to Marysville, CA. We followed along the trail which was the lowest crossing of the Sierra. Participants used both camping and motels depending on their desires. A tour of the original Mountain House Inn was included.


September 8th & 9th – This was the second and final Applegate Trail marker installation trip and we placed the final markers on this trail in anticipation of publishing the final driving guide to allow anyone to follow the route. It was a very successful trip and it was great to finally finish up marking this significant route.




During the year, we usually have several one day trips to do marker maintenance and move markers to better locations. If you would like to be advised of when these are happening, contact our Trail Activity Coordinator at the email address below.






We could use your help!!


With all the markers we have out on the trails, many of them are getting to where they need maintenance work. Attached here is an updated PDF version of our Inspection Report form that can be printed out and it would be a great help if anyone out on a trail would take a copy along and fill it out as they pass by a marker. It would also be a big help if you would fill it out even if a marker is fine. That way we’ll know that someone won’t need to make a special trip to check it. Here is a Word version of the form that you should be able to fill out on your computer and then attach to an email back to us at:


Be sure and change the (at) to @


Thanks, this would be a big help in our continuing efforts to maintain our markers.






We, as an organization, have certain responsibilities on our outings. Because of that, we have developed a set of Rules & Requirements that each participant must adhere to when joining us on one of our trips. You may review them by clicking here.

If you do not have the type of necessary vehicle and are still interested in joining us on a trip, please contact the trip leader. Many times there will be room in someone else’s rig and arrangements can be made to accommodate an extra passenger or two.