Carson Trail Driving Guide (Sixth Edition – 2023)

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(Sixth Edition 2023)

The Carson Trail goes from Humboldt Bar, Nevada
to Placerville, California and the Grizzly Road leaves the Carson near Leek Spring Valley in California and goes to Grizzly Flat.
Markers CR-1 through CR-69 and GF Markers GF-1 through GF-7

Carson Trail Driving Guide

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This is a 167 page guide that includes both the Carson Trail and the Grizzly Flat Road and is different from our larger guides in that it is intended to be a driving guide only and does not include photographs, quotes from emigrant diaries and other information that is included in our main guides.

The historic Carson Trail is unique in that much of the original trail is still visible and can be driven over or hiked on. This distinctive feature allows the modern day user to visualize what emigrants experienced as they traveled over this trail.

This guide will allow you to follow the Trail from its beginning off of Interstate Highway 80 near Toulon, Nevada to Placerville, California. The Grizzly Flat Road connected the Carson Trail to the small mining community of Grizzly Flat in 1852. The Road left the Carson Trail in Leek Spring Valley and followed along Baltic Ridge west for about 9 miles before dropping down to the North Fork of the Cosumnes River. It crossed the river at Capps Crossing and then climbed up the steep ridge to Duncan Corral. The road then traveled southwest along the ridge system north of the Steely Fork of the Cosumnes River about 8 miles to Grizzly Flat.

There are complete driving instructions and detailed maps to each Trails West marker and each marker is identified with GPS coordinates.
A brief history of the trails are also included.




For a photo tour of the Carson Trail click here.