Henness Pass Road



(Second Edition 2020)


Markers HP-1/T-29 to HP-22/B-50





Henness Pass Road Driving Guide

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This is a 79 page guide and is different from our larger guides in that it is intended to be a driving guide only and does not include photographs, quotes from emigrant diaries and other information that is included in our main guides.
This book was published to provide a current guide to allow anyone to be able to follow this trail from marker to marker from the beginning at Hoke Valley, California to Downieville, Nevada City and Marysville.
The trail starts in Hoke Valley, where it left the existing Truckee Trail and was used starting in 1852. This was a much easier route over the Sierras and went directly to some of the more popular mining camps of the time. The road was also significantly upgraded in the late 1850’s as a freight hauling route to supply the mines in Virginia City.
There are detailed maps, complete driving directions to each marker, GPS latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates for each marker, and a brief history of the trail you will be driving on.

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