A Guide To The Lassen Trail & Burnett Cutoff (First Edition – 2015)


Lassen Cover


(First Edition – 2015)





A Guide To The Lassen Trail & Burnett Cutoff

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This is a 209 page spiral bound book that will guide you along both the Lassen Trail and the Burnett Cutoff. The Lassen heads south off of the Applegate Trail near Davis Creek at the south end of Goose Lake, (north of Alturas, California) and goes to Vina (between Red Bluff and Chico). The Burnett Cutoff extends from near Bloody Point, further west on the Applegate Trail, and ties in to the Lassen trail just west of Hanging Rock.


This book includes:

  1. A description of each of the 63 markers along the Lassen and the 13 markers on the Burnett Cutoff and the Inscription Plates that are attached to each marker.


  1. Sixteen primary and six supplementary maps showing the trail locations and driving routes on the Lassen Trail. The Burnett Cutoff has an additional six maps. These maps show the original trail route, existing roads, the driving route, geographic features and where four wheel drive may be required. Below is an example of one of the maps.

Lassen Map


  1. How-To-Find instructions which give explicit instructions designed to take a traveler along these trails in the quickest and safest way from marker to marker. When the written instructions for driving to a marker become too complex, a supplemental map is provided to help you find the location.


  1. The location of each Trails West Marker using GPS latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates.


  1. Cautionary notes, where appropriate, to warn the user where difficulties might be encountered.


  1. Over 275 quotations from emigrant diaries and journals. These narratives really give the current traveler a close look of what it was like at or near each of the marker locations when the emigrants passed through the area. Below is an example of one of the narratives included in the Guide:


“Started on a 12 mile jaunt over rough hills…. I rode on Williams’ horse the greater part of the afternoon and at the night’s camp made arrangements to ride my mule. George Carlton offered to carry 10 pounds of clothing for me and I threw away my most worn garments. I am saving only my blankets and overcoat, to spread on a pack saddle to cushion its sharp edges; and this, with a cloth coat, a linen one, two changes underclothes in a pair of saddlebags, in addition to myself, my gun and a part of the mess’ cooking tools comprised my mule’s load. The rest load their horses likewise.  

Alonzo Stuart Oct. 2, 1849”


  1. There are over 75 photographs taken along the two trails showing the surrounding terrain and specific areas of interest.


  1. An additional feature in the Lassen Trail guidebook are over 25 “Emigrant Experiences” that reveal emigrant activities, conditions, and outlooks as they trudged along the 228 mile Lassen Trail.


  1. Special features include an extensive bibliography, a history of the origins and development of the trails along with historical commentaries on emigrant experiences.