Walker River-Sonora Trail Driving Guide (Second Edition – 2021)

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(Second Edition 2021)


The Walker River/Sonora Trail goes from Fort Churchill, Nevada to Sonora & Columbia, California




Walker River-Sonora Driving Guide

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This is an 87 page guide written for the primary purpose of allowing readers to follow the trail from where it departs the Carson and Central Overland trails in the vicinity of Fort Churchill Nevada to the towns of Sonora and Columbia in California. It is different from our larger guides in that it is intended to mostly guide you along the trail and does not have photos, emigrant diary quotes and extensive history information that are included in the main guides.

This historic trail was only used for a few years due to its extremely difficult crossing of the Sierra. In following this trail, you will be traveling through some of the prettiest scenery on the eastern side of the Sierra and over Sonora Pass.

There are detailed maps, complete driving directions to each marker, GPS latitude/longitude and UTM coordinates for each marker, and a brief history of the trail.