Trail Commentaries

Emigrant Trail Stories, Tales, and Investigations


Enjoy some engaging stories and tales abut emigrant travel on the various California Trails in the 1840’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  Also of interest will be investigative reports on emigrant trail routes and sites. These stories, tales and reports are adapted from those appearing in the various Trails West Series Guidebooks and emigrant diaries.  From time to time, these stories, tales and investigations will be added to with new features.  We hope you enjoy them.



Fourth of July Celebration


Emigrant Justice


Mosquitoe Misery


A Scene Of Death And Desolation On The Black Rock Desert In 1849


Fremont And The First Crossing Of Carson Pass


Firearm Accidents On The California Trail


Woeful Tales Of A Dog’s Life On The Nobles Trail


The Emigrants’ Post Office At The Beginning Of The Applegate Trail


Where Was Jameson’s Station?