Lassen Work Party


During the summer, a gentleman that purchased one of our Lassen guide books spent a few days exploring the trail. Upon his return, we received an email from him informing us that two of our markers had been pulled out of the ground.


Seeing as how there are several other markers in the area, Bill Bishell went out to see if any others had been damaged. He found one other pulled out and a fourth had the plaque and stickers painted over. Bill and his wife Leta were able to clean up the painted one, but there were still three markers needing to be installed again.


Two of the markers looked like this.


L-32A was only partially over.






Member Jim O’Callaghan, after checking with our Marker Maintenance and Trail Trips persons, set up a work party to repair the damage.


On Sept. 12th Jim, John Schwede, Bill & Leta Bishell and Leta’s brother Tony made the trip out there and did the replants.



We had to break off the existing concrete before a marker could be replanted.


Jim and John digging a new hole.


Since Marker L-32A was only partially over we thought we’d try and pull it back up.


Well, that didn’t work so we used Bill’s winch.



More rocks and fresh concrete and it’s as good as new.



Here’s your friendly work crew.
Many thanks for a job well done!!



The weather was good during the day, but the evening’s camping trip was canceled due to rain. At least the work got done and the markers are as good as new. It’s sad that a few individuals feel the need to damage historical monuments that preserve the history of our western expansion.