Nobles Work Party


We were told that Nobles Marker N-4, which is just down the road, was shot up. Due to the wet winter there hasn’t been access to the area but things are beginning to dry out a bit, so over the weekend of May 13 & 14, members Bill & Leta Bishell and Dwayne & Chris Dobbins grabbed the Trails West replating tools and headed out to the Black Rock Desert and replated marker N-4. This is just a few miles west from where the Nobles Trails departs the Applegate.


Here is the Marker N-4 as they found it



Bill and Dwayne are hard at work removing the old rivets holding on the shot up plate before the new plate can be fastened in its place.








Here’s the new plate riveted in place and ready for anyone interested in our emigrant history and following this historic trail




The happy crew that took care of this project


Our thanks to these members that were willing to spend their Mother’s Day weekend out on the Black Rock. (Word is that they did enjoy the hospitality at Bruno’s Country Club and the delicious homemade raviolis served there.)