Trails West, Inc. Officers




Board of Directors
(Current term & expiration date)

Dave Maron (1st 2024)
Dave Freeman (2nd 2025)
Steve Knight (2nd 2024)
Linda Black (1st 2024)
Ed Otto (2nd 2025)


President – Ed Otto
Vice President – Dave Maron
Treasurer – Richard Starch
Secretary – Meg Zbierski

Standing Committees

Membership – Steve Whitehorn
Publications – Bob Black, Guide Book Editor
Rail Markers –Brian O’Mara
Rail Marker Mtce. – Jim O’Callaghan
Book Sales – Steve & Jan Overacker
Trail Trip Coordinator – Bill Bishell
Trail Research – Dave Freeman and Bob Black
Member Outreach – Jim O’Callaghan

Appointed Positions

Trail Research – Dave Freeman & Bob Black
Newsletter – Carlton Graphics
Webmaster – Steve Overacker
PayPal Administrator – Bill Bishell; Linda Black, alternate

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