Trails West, Inc. Officers




Board of Directors
(Current term & expiration date)

Bill Bishell (3rd 2022)
Dave Freeman (1st 2023)
Steve Knight (1st 2022)
Jim O’Callaghan (2nd 2022)
Ed Otto (1st 2023)


President – Ed Otto
Vice President – Jim O’Callaghan
Treasurer – Linda Black
Secretary – Jo Johnston

Standing Committees

Membership – Steve Whitehorn
Publications – Bob Black, Guide Book Editor
Rail Markers – Don Enneking
Rail Marker Mtce. – Jim O’Callaghan
Book Sales – Steve & Jan Overacker
Trail Trips – Bill Bishell

Appointed Positions

Trail Historian – Don Buck
Newsletter – Bob Carlton
Webmaster – Steve Overacker

The editor of our newsletter is Bob Carlton and the webmaster is Steve Overacker. These two are not separate committees, but are included here to assist persons in knowing who to contact for comments and article presentation.